Cleanfarms' big fall collection drive

Sep 07, 2023

Do you have old pesticides and animal meds gathering dust? Cleanfarms is back with its fall collection drive across four Canadian provinces. And guess what? It's entirely free! 

Every fall, Cleanfarms, a national stewardship organization, hits the road, setting up collection events for unused farm products. This year, they're stopping by Quebec, Vancouver Island, Fraser Valley, southern Saskatchewan, and Prince Edward Island. Want to know when they're in your area? Check out the schedule on their website. 

These collection events are crucial. They ensure that harmful chemicals and meds are kept out of our environment. Farmers, by participating, are keeping these materials out of landfills and ensuring they're disposed of safely. The next chance to get rid of these products won't come again until 2026. 

You're welcome to bring unwanted agricultural pesticides and old livestock/equine medications. But there's a little checklist. Make sure they have a Pest Control Product number or a DIN, serial, or notification number on the label. Unfortunately, the program can't take everything. Things like fertilizers, aerosol containers, and needles aren't accepted. You can find a full list of what's in and what's out on Cleanfarms' site. 

Cleanfarms isn't new to this. They've been at it since 2010 and added farm animal meds to their collection in 2014. The Canadian Animal Health Institute (CAHI) has been a proud partner, emphasizing the connection between animal health, our health, and the environment. 

And before you wonder about the costs, there aren't any! The crop protection industry and CAHI foot the bill, ensuring farmers can participate without opening their wallets. What happens to the collected materials? They undergo safe high-temperature incineration. 

In 2020, Cleanfarms collected a whopping 298,127 kgs of unwanted pesticides and 3,389 kgs of old animal meds. Let's make this year's numbers even bigger! 

So, farmers, check the schedule, pack your unwanted items, and join Cleanfarms at their collection events. It's all about a greener tomorrow! 

Source : wisconsinagconnection
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