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Jun 28, 2017
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Dot Technology Corp. is proud to announce the release of the autonomous DOT Power PlatformTM. DOT will be engaged in a live field demonstration at Ag In Motion July 18-20 at booth #661.
With autonomous technologies advancing to the point where autonomous vehicles will soon be seen on the road, Dot Technology Corp. has realized the potential of autonomous technology in the agricultural industry.
DOT is a U-shaped, diesel-powered, hydraulically driven platform equipped to carry any implement that has been designed as DOT Ready™. Through the use of four hydraulic lift arms, DOT loads the implement directly on its structure and the implement becomes one with DOT. DOT then functions as the power platform programmed to move and complete fieldwork autonomously or by remote control.
The inventor of DOT, Norbert Beaujot, states, “As a farmer and an engineer I wanted to design it with efficiency in mind. DOT will be a platform that can accomplish limitless tasks for a farmer, and its abilities will be endless as other implement manufacturers collaborate with us. Part of the efficiency comes from using the acres one combine can cover, around 2500, as the baseline for DOT Ready implements to cover. And then farmers can scale from there by adding more DOT units and implements.”
Dot Technology has established a list of over 100 possible implements that could be made DOT Ready for the agricultural, construction, mining and other industries.
At Ag In Motion, DOT will be demonstrating a DOT Ready seeder that was developed by Dot Technology Corp’s sister company, SeedMaster. There will also be a 60-foot sprayer, a 500-bushel grain cart, and a 41-foot crop roller on display.



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