New In-Crop Cereal Herbicide Is Tough On Weeds And Gentle On Winter Wheat

Feb 07, 2023

Farmers in Ontario and Quebec have a new ally to control challenging broadleaf weeds like ragweed, lamb’s-quarters, vetch and wild buckwheat. Nufarm’s TruSlate™ Pro herbicide delivers proven performance, a wide window of application and exceptional crop safety for your wheat, oat and barley crops.

TruSlate Pro utilizes Group 4 chemistry and features an all-in-one formulation for ease and speed of use. It is tank-mixable with most fungicides and foliar fertilizers and comes in a farmer friendly 40 acre case. TruSlate Pro should be applied from the 3-leaf stage to just before flag leaf emergence for spring wheat, durum wheat, spring barley and oats. For winter wheat, it should be applied in the spring from the 3-tiller stage to just before flag leaf.


Farmers who have tried TruSlate Pro commented on how convenient the product is to use, but what they were most impressed with was the broadleaf weed control.

Alex Knight of Tri-Knight Farms near Blenheim, Ontario, applied TruSlate Pro to his winter wheat crop and was pleased with the performance and ease of use. “Using and mixing TruSlate Pro was very simple, you just tank-up and go,” says Knight. “I would definitely recommend TruSlate Pro to other farmers because of how well it worked. It kept the fields clean right through to harvest.”

Third generation farmer Jason Cook who farms near Tilbury, Ontario, agrees. “We used TruSlate Pro on a portion of our wheat. It was a nice product to use, very compatible with the fungicide that we applied with it,” says Cook. “The ease of use and weed control even right into the stubble, gave us a clean field through harvest right until we worked it.”

Source : Nufarm Canada
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