New Hog Barns In Manitoba Must Meet Or Exceed Environmental Protection Offered By Anaerobic Digestion

Apr 28, 2015
Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship says new hog barns built under a  new pilot project will be required to meet or exceed the level of environmental protection provided through the use of anaerobic digestion.
In 2011 the Manitoba government extended a ban on the construction or expansion of swine barns in 35 RMs to the entire province.
Under the new special pilot project permit evaluation protocol, anyone interested in building or expanding a swine operation in Manitoba will be now be eligible to apply for a construction permit
Tracey Braun, the director of environmental approvals with Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship, explains the objective of the pilot project is to balance environmental protection with sustainability under the existing legislation.
Clip-Tracey Braun-Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship:
The legislation does allow for special permits and pilot projects to be recommended or suggested and so we worked with Manitoba Pork Council to see if that was one opportunity that we could pursue under the current legislation
Source : Farmscape
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