McCain Implementing Regenerative Ag Practices Across 100 Per Cent Of Potato Acreage

Jun 14, 2021

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As part of the release of McCain's 2020 Global Sustainability report, the company is pledging that it will be implementing regenerative agricultural practices across 100 per cent of its potato acreage — representing 370,000 acres worldwide — by 2030.

"The pandemic has put a spotlight squarely on the precarious nature of our global food system," says Max Koeune, Chief Executive Officer of McCain. "But the largest challenges we face are related to climate change. It's estimated that a quarter of man-made carbon emissions come from the production of food, and if we have to grow more food to feed more people, that will only intensify. If we don't transform the way we grow food, the whole system is at risk of suffering irreparable damage."

Regenerative agriculture promotes biodiversity, more plant cover on fields throughout the year, minimizing soil disturbances and maximizing crop diversity as a way to increase water efficiency, protect against erosion, pump more nutrients into the earth, create greater resilience to droughts and floods, capture more carbon and increase the yield and quality per acre.

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