Kentucky Intensive Soybean Management Workshops Approaching

Jan 16, 2015

Chad Lee, Extension Professor and Agronomist, University of Kentucky

Anyone looking at the 2015 growing season knows that the budgets will be tight. But, anyone who enjoys growing a crop still wants to maximize yield. How do we maximize yields and make a profit in 2015? We have two workshops scheduled to help you answer that question ... and others.

The Kentucky Intensive Soybean Management Workshops are scheduled for February 4, 2015 in Hopkinsville and February 5, 2015 in Elizabethtown. Contact the Kentucky Soybean Board at (800) BEAN-SOY or (800) 232-6769 to reserve your spot.

Your Kentucky Soybean Board is bringing in two national experts, and adding one more from home.

Shawn Conley is a Soybean Agronomist and he will identify what we absolutely need for yield in 2015 and an agronomic approach to making a profit.  He has been working with a group of scientists across the United States on high yield soybeans. In addition, he was one of the leaders on soybean seed treatment and inoculant research.

Ford Baldwin will provide us with some practical options for weed control with a focus on Palmer pigweed. Farmers dealing with this weed are watching their costs escalate. Palmer pigweed is spreading across Kentucky.  Dr. Baldwin will provide some ideas on how to manage it once you have... and how to watch out for it if you don't.

Josh McGrath is one of the newest members to the Grain Crops Team at the University of Kentucky. Previously, he worked at the University of Maryland where he focused on agricultural productivity and environmental quality as they relate to soil fertility, nutrient management, and water quality. He is bringing his expertise on those issues and precision agriculture to Kentucky.

Each session will begin at 9:30 am local time. Lunch is provided. Reserve your spot now! For more information about the workshops, contact the Kentucky Soybean Board.


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