Highlights Of The John Deere S790 Combine

Highlights Of The John Deere S790 Combine
Sep 04, 2017
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Agricultural professionals who are looking for a machine with the most advanced grain harvesting technology may want to invest in the John Deere S790. This model includes “smart” technology, improved operator comfort and more accurate data for the utmost efficiency. Users can make adjustments on the go, leveraging the technology of the equipment as necessary.
Dyna-Flo™ Plus Cleaning System
The Dyna-Flo Plus system of the John Deere S790 is composed of aluminum and high-strength steel, which makes for a lightweight, strong cleaning solution. Its sieve area has been increased by 12 percent for additional productivity, and its weight reduction of 396 pounds makes for smoother operation.
Combine Advisor™
The Combine Advisor package provides additional technologies for users to maximize harvesting profits. Operators can utilize it to automate the combine and maintain the performance target as conditions change. The Combine Advisor package is also ideal for managing the harvest settings, VisionTrak™ system, and Interactive Combine Adjustment performance wizard.
TriStream™ Rotor
The John Deere S790 has a TriStream rotor, specifically designed to tackle coarse grains and make for easier threshing when it comes to small grains. Its spiral vanes guide the crop material through the threshing and separating area in a pull-and-release action for better performance. The technology of the rotor also reduces the force required to move material through the combine by as much as 20 percent. The rifting grooves on the threshing elements efficiently move material, enhancing overall performance. Heavy-duty vanes on the top covers propel the crop rearward through the length of the rotor. This ensures that all of the threshed grain is separated as needed.
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