GREET Model - The choice for corn growers and aviation credits

Sep 08, 2023

Here's a riddle for you: What connects sprawling cornfields to soaring planes? The answer might surprise you! 

There's chatter about giving out tax goodies for "sustainable aviation fuel." And guess where this eco-friendly fuel can come from? crops are like corn. Imagine that—planes powered by fields of gold. 

Now, to check how eco-awesome this fuel is, there’s the GREET model. It’s like a carbon detective, uncovering the environmental impact of stuff we use to move around. And it’s constantly updating with fresh clues about biofuels. 

Recently, the heads of corn grower groups penned a letter to the big financial honchos. Their message - “Let’s roll with the GREET model when doling out these tax goodies.” Their reason is rock solid. This model captures the innovative ways farmers are working to make Mother Earth smile. 

The president, in his wisdom, sees a golden future where farmers are the superheroes of sustainable airplane fuel. A future where almost every drop of green fuel zooms from our fields to the skies. 

To make this vision soar, we need top-notch tools. And that's where many folks are rooting for the GREET model. Think of it as the MVP in the world of carbon counting. 

Source : wisconsinagconnection
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