Friday Feature: Calibrating a Boomless Sprayer – 1/8 Acre Method

Jun 20, 2022

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By Doug Mayo

Last week we shared the Noble Foundation’s 1/128 sprayer calibration video for standard boom sprayers.  This week’s featured video is a Do-It-Yourself Video produced by the Noble Foundation for calibrating a boomless sprayer.  Boomless sprayers have become very popular for spraying pastures and woodlands where uneven ground and obstacles make using a wide spray boom impractical.  In this video, instead of calibrating in ounces, the 1/8th acre method (8 pints/gallon) calculates in pints what would be applied to an entire acre in gallons.  There is an companion instruction card referenced in the video that can be seen below the video viewer or by using the following link:  Boomless Sprayer Calibration Instruction Card.

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