Alberta MP's Private Members Bill Addresses Biosecurity And Trespassing Concerns

Nov 27, 2020
Foothills MP John Barlow is hoping to see his Private Member's Bill pass pass first reading in the House of Commons.
He says Bill C-205 focuses around bio-security and looks to strengthen penalties for protestors and trespassers on private property.
"What really spurred this on when I did a little bit of research on the group that was protesting on a turkey farm in my riding. I found out that many of them had been on a hog farm the week before in Abbotsford. I understand the point that their trying to make and this bill again, is not to be anti-protest. You can protest all you want on public land, on the highway, on the road, outside the farm or outside the processing facility.
He notes cross-contamination and biosecurity threats are a real concern as they can decimate poultry operations, livestock herds and devastate producer livelihoods, our industry and the economy.
"We have seen the devastating impact the Covid-19 pandemic has had on the entire Canadian economy, animal-borne diseases like ASF and FMD would equally devastate our agriculture sector from farm to table."
Bill C-205 was first introduced in Parliament on February 18th 2020, however, debate was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the suspension of Parliament.
Strengthening biosecurity measures for trespassers is something farmers, ranchers, food processors, farm groups and commodity organizations all support.
Benoît Fontaine, Chair, Chicken Farmers of Canada says Canada’s 2,877 chicken farmers take pride in raising safe food for Canadians.
"CFC’s Raised by a Canadian Farmer On Farm Food Safety Program enforces strict biosecurity measures on every farm across the country to limit the spread of disease. This proposed legislation will further strengthen the Health of Animals Act to ensure trespassers are prosecuted for their actions, while preventing the potential spread of disease."
Bob Lowe, President, Canadian Cattlemen’s Association says Biosecurity is essential to protecting herd health and the safety of Canada’s food system.
"CCA supports Bill C-205 proposed by MP Barlow and believes the amendments will provide increased safety to producers, the cattle they raise, and food they produce."
Mary Robinson, President, Canadian Federation of Agriculture says they believe that the introduction of this bill is an important and necessary step in the right direction.
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