USDA's proposal aims to level playing field for poultry growers

Jun 06, 2024

Agricultural groups applaud efforts to address industry exploitation


The USDA's release of a proposed rule regarding Poultry Grower Payment Systems and Capital Improvement Systems has garnered positive responses from agricultural groups. 

Notably, the National Farmers Union commends the rule for its efforts to combat abuses within the poultry industry, particularly the "tournament" ranking system and coercive facility investment demands.

The Organizations for Competitive Markets and Competitive Markets Action join in the chorus of support, emphasizing the importance of preventing exploitation among contract poultry growers. They express hope for the swift finalization of these regulations to safeguard growers nationwide.

Steve Etka, policy director of the Campaign for Contract Agriculture Reform, underscores the rule's significance in rectifying situations where poultry companies take advantage of contract growers.

This move represents a crucial step towards fostering fairness in contracting practices utilized by large poultry corporations.

The USDA's proposed rule signals a proactive approach to addressing longstanding issues within the poultry industry.

With backing from various agricultural groups, there is optimism for a more equitable environment for poultry growers across the country.

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