The future of smart farming unveiled

The future of smart farming unveiled
Oct 23, 2023

Photo credit : CaseIH-YieldTours

AFS Connect - Unlocking Efficiency and Control: A Comprehensive Digital Solution for Modern Farm Management

By Denise Faguy and Vaishali Singh

Seamless connectivity and file transfer capabilities for both new and legacy machines – that topic was one of the many demos at the Great Ontario Yield Tour in September. Imagine the possibilities.

Candace Reilly, Regional Precision Manager for Case IH, spoke about the various functionalities and benefits of the AFS Connect Platform, a state-of-the-art digital solution aiming to revolutionize farm management. This platform brings a plethora of features to the table, bridging the gap between traditional and digital agriculture.

AFS Connect is a versatile software that offers seamless connectivity and file transfer capabilities for both new and legacy machines, promoting data ownership and user control, allowing users to decide who can access their information.

Reilly highlighted the ease of account creation and access. Users can effortlessly create a free account on, which grants access to a wealth of resources including operator manuals, service manuals, and knowledge articles.

The platform incorporates a parts store, allowing users to conveniently order parts with flexible shipping options.

The AFS Connect Fleet Platform provides machine data, metrics, alerts, and geofences for monitoring equipment and preventing theft. It also offers Remote Display View and Remote Service Tool for remote diagnosis and fault code clearing for customers and dealerships.

The platform’s ability to provide real-time data is a game-changer. Users can monitor various metrics such as machine hours, fuel levels, and engine speed, optimizing operations and ensuring efficiency.

Reilly also discussed the FS Connect farm platform, where agronomic information is held, enabling users to layer different data sets and compare harvest maps.

The platform's capabilities are enhanced through integration with APIs from partnered companies, including Case IH-owned Raven, notable for its Slingshot technology, utilized in Patriot sprayers and various aftermarket setups. Mixed fleet integrations with John Deere and Kloss augment the platform’s versatility.

Reilly demonstrated the platform’s features, emphasizing the importance of accurate information input for effective results. The platform can generate PDF reports depicting yield data, a crucial feature for creating bills for custom work.

Users can also benefit from the mobile app, the KCIHAFS Connect farm app, which replicates most functionalities of the platform and can be downloaded via a QR code or directly from the App Store. The app is essential for on-the-go access to data and real-time monitoring of equipment.

Watch the video below to see Reilly’s full presentation.

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