Manitoba's 2024 Budget - Big Wins for Farmers and Rural Communities

Apr 04, 2024


Manitoba's Finance Minister, Adrien Sala, unveiled the 2024 budget, emphasizing sustained support for the agricultural sector and enhancing rural community services. The budget has been applauded by Keystone Agricultural Producers (KAP) for maintaining a 50% tax rebate on farm properties and making strides towards its complete removal. 

Efforts to tackle labor challenges have seen the restoration of the rural doctor recruitment fund and an increased investment in apprenticeship training. Notably, $135,000 will support a new veterinary strategy, showing the government's commitment to agricultural health. 

Budget 2024 also includes $146.9 million for Business Risk Management (BRM) program funding and introduces measures to support young farmers, such as increased loan amounts and rebates through the Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation (MASC). 

Rural healthcare and safety received a boost with a $13.7 million increase in policing grants and initiatives like a $300 security camera rebate for farmers. The commitment to hire 1,000 new healthcare workers and a 13.5% increase in health-related funding marks a substantial investment in Manitoba's long-term care and senior services. 

Additional highlights feature $30 million for the repair and upgrade of the railroad and Port of Churchill, developments in CentrePort Canada, and strategies aimed at enhancing Manitoba's agricultural trade and value-added sectors. 

This budget represents a comprehensive approach to supporting Manitoba's agricultural community, ensuring the sustainability of farming practices, and enhancing rural living standards. 

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