Agricultural coalition seeks E15 sales approval

Mar 28, 2024


An agricultural coalition is pressing the administration to greenlight summertime sales of E15, emphasizing its potential to stabilize energy markets and ease financial burdens for consumers. The coalition underscores the effectiveness of past EPA emergency waivers in lowering gas prices and advocates for similar action to address current global energy uncertainties. 

Despite the EPA's decision to grant a permanent waiver for E15 sales in Midwestern states by 2025, the coalition stresses the need for immediate relief through an emergency waiver. Members, including the American Farm Bureau Federation and Growth Energy, stress the importance of consumer choice and the significant cost savings associated with E15. 

The coalition urges farmers to support year-round E15 availability and engage with policymakers to highlight its benefits for consumers and agriculture. By promoting the use of homegrown ethanol, E15 sales not only reduce consumer costs but also support American farmers and enhance energy security.

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