AGCO's FarmerCore - Revolutionizing agricultural dealer support

Jan 31, 2024


AGCO has announced the launch of FarmerCore. This transformative initiative is a key part of AGCO's Farmer-First strategy, aimed at making farmers more profitable, productive, and sustainable worldwide. 

FarmerCore's strategy focuses on enhancing the sales and service journey by combining digital capabilities with physical presence. The initiative is based on three fundamental pillars: an on-farm mindset, smart network coverage, and digital engagement. These pillars ensure a comprehensive approach to meeting farmers' needs throughout their ownership experience. 

The initiative moves away from a traditional outlet model, adopting a more flexible hub-and-spoke system. This includes light retail outlets, service centers, and part-only locations, coupled with 24/7 online access for sales and support. The approach is already being implemented in certain regions, with AgRevolution demonstrating its effectiveness. 

Eric Hansotia, Chairman, President, and CEO of AGCO, emphasizes the importance of centering the farmer in their operations. FarmerCore is a testament to AGCO's commitment to this approach, providing an innovative blend of physical and digital experiences to build stronger customer relations. 

The initiative will initially roll out in select North and South American dealer organizations this year, with continued expansion in 2024. FarmerCore's mobile assets and digital channels aim to bring the dealership experience directly to the farm, ensuring support is always within reach.  

Through this, AGCO aspires to lead in agricultural machinery support, covering every aspect of the farming lifecycle. 

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