Administrative taps NFU's Larew for trade committee

Feb 27, 2024


The President’s recent appointment of Rob Larew, the National Farmers Union (NFU) President, to the Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations (ACTPN) signifies a pivotal moment for the agricultural community in trade policy discussions. Larew's role will directly influence the development and administration of trade strategies, ensuring that the perspectives and needs of family farmers and ranchers are considered. 

The ACTPN serves as a critical advisory body to the United States Trade Representative, with its members playing a key role in guiding U.S. trade policy and negotiation strategies. The committee's composition reflects a broad range of expertise and interests, from labor and industry to agriculture and conservation, embodying a holistic approach to trade policy formulation. 

Expressing his honor at the appointment, Larew emphasized his dedication to advocating for equitable trade practices that benefit the agricultural sector. His inclusion in the committee is a clear indication of the Biden administration's intent to prioritize fair and sustainable trade opportunities for American farmers and ranchers in the global market. 

This appointment comes at a crucial time as the U.S. is navigating complex trade dynamics and seeking to establish trade agreements that foster economic growth and sustainability. With Larew's expertise and commitment to the agricultural community, there is renewed hope for policies that support the prosperity of family farms and contribute to a resilient agricultural economy. 

Farmers and agricultural organizations have lauded this development, viewing it as a step forward in ensuring that trade negotiations and policies reflect the interests and realities of the farming sector. Larew's presence on the committee is expected to bring about positive changes in how trade policies are crafted, offering a promising outlook for the future of American agriculture.

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