7 Farming-Related Poems



By Bryce Burnett

‘Purchase your food locally’ – that’s a slogan we hear a lot nowadays.
And as a producer, I appreciate that, growing up in ranching ways.

I was born and bred right here on this ranch and I know the wholesomeness of it all.
We produce grain and beef on Canadian soil, and are proud we got that call.

I climbed into my tractor at haying time, got to keep my home-grown cows fed;
But as I looked out the windshield, a decal glowed ‘Made in England,’ it said.

We’re growing local produce with foreign machines; that label sure got my glance.
As I hooked up to the mower, a tag revealed that it was ‘MadMade in France.’

I was thinking, “This isn’t exactly right,” then I noticed the baler came from the U.S.A.
Well, we’re getting closer to home, but it’s not quite the best way to make Canadian hay.

It sported an Italian driveshaft, and the bearings endorsed Mexico, if you please.
The chain links were stamped from Germany and the tires were Japanese.

I was thinking, “The rake will be different,” but the plate showed ‘Made in Italy.’
When I glanced at the metal draw pin, ‘China’ was stamped on it for all to see.

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