SHIC Introduces Influenza A Virus State-Level Monitoring Dashboard

Apr 15, 2024

The Swine Health Information Center has introduced new influenza A virus state-level monitoring dashboard.The Swine Health Information Center's domestic disease monitoring report, released as part of its April eNewsletter, indicates influenza A virus positivity increased substantially in the wean-to-market category in February, with 51 percent the positive cases being lung submissions.

To help pork producers keep on top of influenza A, SHIC has introduced its new influenza A virus state-level monitoring dashboard.SHIC Associate Director Dr. Lisa Becton says the influenza A monitoring dashboard is a great resource.

Quote-Dr. Lisa Becton-Swine Health Information Center:

It can actually show aggregate data of where influenza is by the state level and it can show that detection over time as well as characterize it by what specimen was submitted, what age group and then again show that graphically in a geographical area.Because influenza isn't seasonal, it really is important to understand where is the activity and where are animals being submitted from that are seeing high caseloads?

There are some cases that are being submitted a bit above expected and so that's also another thing that will be really good to monitor because influenza doesn't seem like it's seasonal anymore.This is also important because we are going to be going into fair season so we'll have a lot of exhibitions going on.
We have a lot of people and pig interactions and so it's really important to monitor pig health, especially when people are considering taking their pigs to a fair or to another place where there exhibitions.All around, it really is going to be a resource that we've not had before to get a more national picture of where influenza is occurring.

Dr. Becton stresses biosecurity remains our first line of defence against any disease and, although the challenge of working in cold weather is starting to diminish, it's always important to stay focused on biosecurity because disease still transmits any time of year.

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