Guidance for Livestock Feed Levels Playing Field for Canadian Farmers

Jun 13, 2024

Last week, Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) released new guidance on livestock feed, completing the third and final step in a Canadian regulatory pathway for gene-edited p​roducts. Canadian Canola Growers Association (CCGA) and the 43,000 canola farmers it represents welcome completion of the last step in the regulatory process.

“Canola farmers need faster access to seed varieties that respond to the evolving production challenges they face," says Dave Carey, Vice-President of Government & Industry Relations at CCGA. “While gene editing can offer solutions to these challenges, building a predictable regulatory pathway in Canada has been years in the making. This guidance establishes the framework needed to bring new innovations to market and helps level the playing field for Canadian farmers who will finally have access to gene-edited plant varieties."

Canola, a Canadian plant breeding innovation success story, was built on a foundation of scientific advancement. Further advancements in plant breeding could provide faster access to new varieties and more tools to increase yield and mitigate stressors from pests, diseases, and weather.

“For Canada to advance our leadership in global agriculture, innovation needs to be a top priority," explains Roger Chevraux, Chair of CCGA. “While canola farmers are excited for the gains that plant breeding innovations like gene-edited crops can bring to the farm, Canada needs to take the innovation pathway seriously or risk our competitiveness. This guidance positions Canadian agriculture similarly with other major agriculture producing and trading nations and helps Canada's export-reliant farmers remain globally competitive."

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