Brand-New 210 Baler from Marcrest

Brand-New 210 Baler from Marcrest
Jun 14, 2024

High-Capacity Small Square Baler with Advanced Features 

By Ryan Ridley

Marcus Manufacturing has introduced its brand-new 210 high-capacity small square baler. 

Lewis Martin with Marcrest Manufacturing recently chatted with about its new small square product offering. 

The 210 baler operates at a remarkable 120 strokes per minute, promising an output of between 750 to 1,000 bales per hour depending on the configuration of flakes per bale.  

This performance is not only robust but also versatile, accommodating various crop types which enhances its appeal to a broad range of farming operations. 

Built to last, the 210 baler is crafted from heavy-duty materials that ensure its longevity.  

“You can bale and bundle in one pass—one driver, one tractor. We're going to reduce your need of labor and reduce the amount of equipment that you must run,” adds Martin. 

One of the key features of the 210 baler is its various platform options, including a drop flat chute, a quarter turn chute, and a bale guide kit for integration with a Bale Baron.  

Martin says that maintenance is also straightforward with the 210 baler. It includes high-quality components such as top-line bearings and gearboxes, and its drive lines require greasing only every 250 hours, which simplifies upkeep. 

The baler features innovative Rasppe knotters and triple knotters that ensure reliable tying of bales, enhancing the neatness and compactness of the output. 

For farmers interested in precise adjustments and monitoring, the 210 baler comes equipped with a bale scale integrated on the back of the bale chamber for real-time weight tracking.  

Adjustments for hydraulic tension can be made directly from the cab, displayed on an ISOBUS screen, ensuring that operations are as efficient as possible. 

Overall, the 210 high-capacity baler from Marcus Manufacturing offers robust performance, flexibility, and ease of maintenance. 

To learn more about Marcrest Manufacturing’s 210 baler, watch the video below. 

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