First New Canadian Case of PED Since March 23 Reported in Ontario

Apr 21, 2015
The first new case of PED in Canada since March 23 was reported today in a farrow to feeder farm in Perth County, Ontario.
This serves as a reminder that producers should treat all high pig-traffic sites and vehicles as potentially contaminated with the PED virus and/or SDCV. Producers must work closely with their livestock hauler to ensure all trucks are cleaned, disinfected and dried every time before entering a farm.
If any truck tries to enter your farm that has not been cleaned, don’t let it on. It poses a serious risk for bringing PED or SDCV onto your farm and into your barn.
Other biosecurity measures, such as cleaning and disinfecting load-out areas and requiring clean boots and clothing for all barn visitors, should also be strictly enforced.
Source: Alberta Pork
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