Farmers celebrate Earth Day every day

Apr 22, 2015

Earth Day is Wednesday, April 22, 2015

By Diego Flammini,

All around the world, people are celebrating Earth Day and everything the Earth provides for the health and success of everything and everyone living on the planet.

From the sun and clouds in the sky to the soil and what’s going on underneath it, no element of Earth is being excluded from praise.

What better people to celebrate Earth Day than farmers seeing as they use Mother Nature’s resources to nurture the planet all day, every day and feed the planet at the same time.

The entire practice of agriculture is almost Earth Day wrapped up in one nice little package.

The farmer takes a natural item that came from the Earth - a seed, puts it into the natural soil and waters it. The plants will then use the sun and convert its energy into chemical energy to help the plants grow into the crops that are eventually harvested.

When cows need to eat so they can stay healthy and produce high-quality milk, they are fed grass and feed corn, which because of the seeds, water, sun and soil, came from the Earth.

If the soil isn’t quite up to the farmer’s liking, they’ll apply fertilizer to it, giving it the nutrients it needs to be able to house the seeds and crops successfully.

How does the farmer get fertilizer? From the cow that just finished eating the feed corn the farmer spent the spring growing.

The FarmOn Foundation will be using the hashtag #FARMVOICES on Twitter to let farmers tell their stories and celebrate the importance of farmers.

The first Earth Day took place on April 22, 1970.

Join the conversation and tell us how you’ll be celebrating farmers and Earth Day. What are some other ways farmers care for the Earth?

A group of people holding soil and plants
A group of people holding soil and plants

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