Expert insights into PEDv

Aug 05, 2014

PEDv, Where Do We Stand? Three leading swine veterinarians and researchers give producers a timely, informative overview of porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED) virus. The experts will cover what the industry has learned about the disease's impact on production, herd immunity/exposure, diagnostics, mandatory reporting and other important topics


Dr. Dane Goede, University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine

  • Overview the current incidence of PED based on Swine Disease Eradication Center's national surveillance program.
  • Impact on sow herds and overall production, including time to negative status and time to return to baseline production levels.

Dr. Mike Murtaugh, University of Minnesota

  • PED immunity and immune response in pigs.
  • Insights into current and potential future diagnostics relative to virology, serology and effects of vaccination.

Dr. Paul Sundberg, Vice President Science & Technology, National Pork Board

  • List of industry accomplishments in dealing with PED the last 14 months.
  • Explanation of the mandatory USDA reporting program.
  • Review key learnings about biosecurity/surveillance that can be applied to future foreign animal diseases.

Source: SwineCast


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