Mitas to Showcase Tire Innovation at Farm Progress

Aug 05, 2014

By Amanda Brodhagen,

There will be many new products and innovations featured at the upcoming Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa, including a new tire invention called PneuTrac, developed by Mitas, in partnership with Galileo Wheel Ltd.  

Mitas, one of Europe’s leading producers of agricultural tires, says it will display PenuTract for the first time in the United States at the nation’s largest outdoor farm show from August 26 to 28. The tire technology was first displayed in Europe, where it gained considerable attention from farmers and machinery dealers alike. 

“We are determined to bring the concept into commercial production to meet their expectations,” Andrew Mabin, Mitas’ sales and marketing director said in a release.

The system uses traditional pneumatic tires and rubber tracks. According to Mitas, it is in a testing phase for the 18” rim, and recently finished the first round of tests for the 38” rim tire. Mitas admits that while the tire technology is exciting for the tire industry, it still requires considerable time for development, testing and monitoring before it reaches the market.

PneuTrac is claimed to provide better traction and efficiency with lower slippage - which for farmers, could result in lower operational costs, higher crop yields and less damage to the soil compared to conventional tire systems. This is achieved because the tire footprint is about 53 per cent larger than a standard tire. The benefits go far beyond the practicality, but it is also deemed safer. The makers claim that it provides stable driving at low inflation pressures, thus providing comfort and safety.

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