Farms.com’s Top 10 Prairie Stories in March

10) Corteva Agriscience brings Extinguish XL herbicide to Western Canadian farmers

Corteva Agriscience

Corteva Agriscience has launched a new herbicide for wheat and barley growers in the black and grey soil zones from Manitoba to British Columbia.

Extinguish XL, which is available for the 2024 season, combines two systemic auxin-type herbicides (Group 4) and an ALS enzyme inhibitor-type herbicide (Group 2) in a pre-mix formulation.

“This is a high performing, broad spectrum broadleaf herbicide,” Jason Smith, portfolio marketing manager for cereal herbicides with Corteva Agriscience, told Farms.com. “It’s a nice marriage between high performance and ease of use that farmers are looking for when making decisions around herbicide.&r

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