Exploring Brandt's Innovative High-Speed Disc Lineup

Exploring Brandt's Innovative High-Speed Disc Lineup
May 22, 2024

Customizable to Suit Your Specific Needs

By Ryan Ridley

Brandt Industries’ High-Speed Disc is available in various sizes ranging from 16 to 45 feet, accommodating different farm scales and needs. 

Each model in its lineup is equipped with a choice of fluted, notched, or smooth blades.  

These blades are designed to cater to various soil types and crop conditions, ensuring that you can manage your fields with precision and ease. 

Kyle Bennett, sales manager with Brandt Industries, spoke with Farms.com about innovations to its finishing baskets. 

“We offer three different types of baskets depending on your soil type,” explains Bennett. “We have the rubber baskets, rubber rollers, cage baskets, and the spring rollers.” 

Each type serves a specific purpose, from residue management to moisture retention, tailored to different soil conditions. 

This customization allows you to choose the perfect setup for the unique terrain you farm. 

One of the standout features of the High-Speed Disc is its ability to operate at speeds up to approximately 12 miles per hour, enabling efficient breaking and mixing of soil residue.  

This speed, combined with the disc's significant weight of around 1,000 pounds per foot, allows for deep soil penetration and durability even at those higher speeds. 

“The High-Speed Disc requires approximately 15 horsepower per foot,” adds Bennett. 

Brandt's design includes a constant down pressure on the wings, allowing the disc to adapt to various land contours and maintain consistent soil contact. This feature is crucial for ensuring an even and effective seedbed preparation across different sections of a field. 

The larger models, from 26 feet upwards, incorporate a three-section design to enhance this adaptability, while the 16- and 21-foot models are two sections. 

Another notable innovation is the rear finishing suspension exclusive to Brandt. 

This feature helps the rear basket absorb shocks from obstacles like rocks, enhancing the smoothness of the operation and ensuring consistent depth control across the field. 

For ease of use, Brandt has integrated simple cylinder stops for setting the disc's depth, ensuring uniformity throughout the field regardless of terrain changes. 

This user-friendly approach is designed to make fieldwork more efficient and less labor-intensive. 

Bennett gives you a rundown of Brandt’s High-Speed Disc lineup in the below video. 

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