Kubota honors farmer veterans at PBR world finals

May 22, 2024

By Farms.com

Kubota Tractor Corporation, in collaboration with the Farmer Veteran Coalition (FVC), recognized National Military Appreciation Month by announcing the recipients of the 2024 "Geared to Give" program during a special ceremony at the 2024 PBR World Finals in Arlington, Texas. Five farmer veterans, including both veterans and active-duty Armed Forces members, were presented with new Kubota equipment to support their farming operations. 

The recipients of this year's "Geared to Give" program are Adam Cason, Lieutenant Col. Rob Moore, Chris Pedersen, Capt. Blaine Underwood, and Master Sgt. Pangia Xiong. These farmer veterans were selected to receive Kubota equipment based on their military service and commitment to agriculture.

Alex Woods, Senior Vice President of Kubota and a veteran of the Army National Guard, emphasized the importance of supporting veterans in their agricultural endeavors. He highlighted Kubota's commitment to empowering veterans with the tools they need to contribute to their communities through farming.

In addition to receiving new Kubota equipment, the five farmer veterans and their guests were treated to an all-expenses-paid trip to the PBR World Finals in Arlington, Texas. The weekend included meetings with Kubota executives, behind-the-scenes tours of the PBR event at AT&T Stadium, and a special ceremony honoring the farmer veterans on the dirt.

The "Geared to Give" program, which received over 500 applications through FVC's Farmer Veteran Fellowship Fund, aims to support farmer veterans across the country. Each year, one veteran from each of Kubota's five operating divisions is selected to receive new equipment, helping them build and expand their farming operations.

Kubota's longstanding partnership with the Farmer Veteran Coalition has provided significant support to veteran farmers over the years. Through the "Geared to Give" program and other initiatives, Kubota continues to invest in the success of farmer veterans and their families.