AGCO's FarmerCore – bringing services to the farm

AGCO's FarmerCore – bringing services to the farm
Feb 02, 2024

Putting farmers first with convenience and innovation

By Denise Faguy

AGCO's FarmerCore Initiative, announced on January 30 (Click here to read the original announcement), is making waves in agriculture. This initiative represents a significant shift in the industry and AGCO’s approach, placing farmers squarely at the center of the distribution, ownership, and service process for farm machinery. spoke with AGCO’s John Rahiya, Director of Customer Connected Distribution, to learn more about the FarmCore initiative. Rahiya explained that there are three Pillars of FarmerCore:

  • Physical Smart Network Coverage: AGCO is redefining the distribution landscape by offering alternative, localized locations that bring services closer to farmers. Instead of relying solely on large dealerships, this approach ensures proximity and convenience for farmers.
  • Mobile and On-Farm Solutions: Understanding the time constraints farmers face, AGCO has introduced mobile service trucks staffed with skilled technicians and equipped with smart tools and diagnostics capabilities. This initiative aims to respond swiftly to on-farm issues, reducing downtime and providing maximum convenience for farmers.
  • Digital Tools: FarmerCore leverages digital tools to enhance the farmer's experience. These user-friendly tools simplify interactions with AGCO, allowing farmers to engage at their preferred level, whether through digital channels, phone calls, or dealership visits.

One of the standout features of FarmerCore is its commitment to simplifying technology for farmers. AGCO recognizes that not all farmers are tech-savvy, and time is precious.

Therefore, the initiative streamlines processes, making it effortless for farmers to identify needed parts, check availability at local stores, and choose between pickup or delivery.

The primary objective of FarmerCore is to save farmers time. It eliminates the need for extensive trips to dealerships by bringing services directly to the farm. Whether scheduled maintenance or addressing unexpected downtime, FarmerCore prioritizes speed to resolution and convenience for farmers.

As FarmerCore gains traction, it promises to reshape the farming industry. Farmers will come to expect greater convenience, faster service, and a seamless digital experience. AGCO envisions a future where the entire agricultural community adopts a farmer-centric approach, revolutionizing industry standards and practices.

Before launching FarmerCore on a larger scale, AGCO tested Farmer Core's concept through AG Revolution, a dealership in Indiana, and Illinois. This pilot phase allowed AGCO to refine its strategy and understand the practical implications of on-farm service and localized presence, confirming the viability of bringing services closer to farmers.

Farmers who want to learn more about FarmerCore should contact their local AGCO dealer. While FarmerCore is currently in a pilot phase in 2024, expressing interest to local dealers may help accelerate its adoption in some regions.

Watch the interview with John Rahiya to learn how AGCO is working to prioritize farmers' needs through convenience, digital innovation, and exceptional service.

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