Transfer lubricants, fuels, oils with the help of your drill

Transfer lubricants, fuels, oils with the help of your drill
Feb 02, 2024

Photo Credit: SP Tools
No more fighting with spouts 

By Braxten Breen Intern 

Transferring fuels or lubricants is a routine necessity on any farming operation, but physically transferring these liquids is not always simple. For example, you have liquids in a jerry can or drum, but you need to get them to their end-use destination.  

Using spouts can sometimes be challenging when the spout does not cooperate, resulting in spillage. 

The Quick Flow Drill Pump Kit from SP Tools allows you to pump 3 liters of liquid per minute, at 1,200 RPMS with just a push of a button. Leaving your second hand free to manage suction and/or discharge hoses. 

The drills universal adapter allows any drill of any size to be used with the help of the rubber mounting strap which sets the drill firmly in place. 

The Drill Pump is ideal for transferring: 


  • Engine oil 
  • Automatic transmission 
  • Gear oil 
  • Brake fluid 
  • Power steering fluid  
  • Coolant 


  • Hydraulic oils 
  • Machining coolants 

Whether it is transferring fuel for a machine or truck, diesel for a generator, lubrication for an engine, SP tools Quick Flow Drill Pump Kit will do the trick in transferring fluids on the farm. Watch this video to learn more about this cool tool. 

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