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Fertilizing 36 MILLION Corn Plants

Jun 14, 2024

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Video: Fertilizing 36 MILLION Corn Plants

Welcome back to the farm! If you're new here, happy to have you. We are back together in the tractor cab after a few weeks off. Anytime together is good time. We love working together! The corn is growing faster than we can believe! It is truly summer on the farm- today we are fertilizing. Some questions I asked in the video that I would love to see you comment on: What are you other favorite channels to watch? Would you like to see me demo a 2 track tractor? I think that could be very cool! Would you like longer videos? What questions do you have about fertilizing? I am so happy you're here. Thank you for watching today's video and we'll see you in the next one! Have a great day :)