Wheat Growers are calling on Ottawa to take proactive steps to avoid a rail strike

May 21, 2024

The Wheat Growers Association is calling on the federal government to take immediate action to prevent a shutdown of the Canadian rail system.

It says a potential strike by employees at both railways would cause long-term damage not only to Canada's agriculture sector but to our economy.

In a statement from the Wheatgrowers, they point out that farmers rely heavily on the movement of grain, fertilizer, and other inputs by rail, when railways stop working, it severely disrupts the supply chain, leading to significant challenges for farmers, exporters, and our global customers. 

When grain deliveries stop, grain exports come to a halt, undermining our reputation as a reliable exporter.

The group is are calling on Ottawa to take proactive steps to prevent a rail strike.

They note that request for a review from the Canada Industrial Relations Board is merely a temporary measure that fails to address the root cause of the situation.

Source : Pembinavalley online
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