Harvest Throughput on New Holland’s CR11

Harvest Throughput on New Holland’s CR11
May 21, 2024

New Combine Paired with MacDon FD250 Header

By Ryan Ridley

Harvesting has been made easier and more efficient with New Holland and MacDon. 

J Cole Sanford, cash crop specialist with New Holland, recently introduced the CR11 combine, which is set to hit the market in the 2025 model year. 

This machine is equipped with capacity increases for efficient crop processing, designed to meet the high demands of modern agriculture. 

A key feature of the CR11 is the MacDon FD250 header. The 50-foot header integrates seamlessly with the combine, boosting total throughput. Its deeper belt system efficiently moves more material across the belt, enhancing the feed into the combine.  

The updated knife and guard assembly increases the header's capacity by approximately 20%, making it a powerhouse during harvest, especially when paired with the capacity on the CR11. 

Flexibility is another standout feature of the FD250. The header's ability to flex allows it to adapt to varying ground levels in the field.  

This passive system leverages wing pressure to maintain consistent contact with the ground, optimizing the cutting process especially in uneven terrains. 

The CR11's design includes a sophisticated subframe. This component supports the combine's feeder house, enabling it to adjust height and tilt automatically. This feature is essential for achieving a clean cut in crops like soybeans, where ground-level harvesting is crucial.  

For wheat, the header maintains effectiveness with Contour Master wheels that adjust for stubble height, ensuring minimal crop loss and uniform cutting, even in challenging conditions. 

Control and customization are at the operator's fingertips, with cab controls allowing on-the-fly adjustments. This enhances the operating experience, particularly in varying crop conditions such as lodged or shorter wheat. 

This blend of advanced technology and user-centric design marks a significant step forward for New Holland, promising to set new standards in agricultural efficiency and productivity. 

Watch the below video for an overview of throughout on New Holland’s CR11. 

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