USDA invests $30.8m in historically black universities for Ag research

May 20, 2024


The USDA has allocated $30.8 million to 19 historically black land-grant universities. This funding, provided through the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, is designed to enhance these institutions' capacity to conduct scientific research and extend educational programs in agriculture.

The investment will underpin 68 innovative projects that address vital areas such as crop genetic enhancement, food safety, and the integration of technology in agriculture. Examples include a project at Fort Valley State University focused on gene-editing for crop hardiness, a food sciences initiative at North Carolina A&T State University involving chocolate science, and a digital commerce development project at South Carolina State University.

These projects not only aim to advance academic curricula but also to prepare students for future challenges in agriculture, ensuring that they are well-equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge. Additionally, the funding will help enhance faculty development, student recruitment, and retention, further building the educational prowess of these universities.

The USDA’s investment is part of a broader commitment to supporting underserved communities and small to mid-sized producers, with a focus on building resilience and innovation within the U.S. agricultural sector.

By enhancing the capabilities of 1890 institutions, the USDA is ensuring that these universities continue to serve as crucial pillars in educating and preparing the next generation of agricultural leaders, ready to address the complex challenges of modern agriculture.

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