Saskatchewan Receives Welcomed Rainfall

Jun 12, 2023

Saskatchewan Agriculture reports rainfall throughout the province over the past week delayed the completion of spring planting but, in most areas, the additional moisture was welcome.

Saskatchewan Agriculture's weekly crop report, released yesterday, indicates rain over the past week delayed planting but for the most part seeding is complete.

Sara Tetland, the provincial cereal specialist based out of Regina, says across the province 96 percent of the crop in the ground, up from 89 percent last week and just slightly behind the five-year average of 97 percent.

Quote-Sara Tetland-Saskatchewan Agriculture:

All regions of the province have received rain this past week.A lot of it did come in the form of thunderstorms and rain showers.

We've seen quite a bit of rainfall and in lots of the fields it is accumulating so some of those low spots are getting flooded out but, for the most part, I'd say producers in the province have been happy to receive that rain, particularly in the western parts of the province but parts of the east as well.

Conditions were quite dry and also it has been really hot through the province so having that rain helps support crop growth.When we actually look at topsoil moisture conditions, currently cropland topsoil moisture is rated at seven percent surplus, 78 percent adequate, 14 percent short and one percent very short.
The hay and pastureland topsoil moisture is rated at five percent surplus, 75 percent adequate, 17 percent short and three percent very short.

Most farmers were happy to get that rain we had this past week, particularly in the western parts of the province where it was getting quite dry. Overall having that heat and moisture has helped crops develop.Many farmers are hoping for some more rain.Some maybe not so much because we have seen some pretty heavy downfalls this past week as well.

Tetland says there have been reports of hail and wind damage as well, mostly in those specific areas that saw the big storms. She says things are looking good across the province, with the exception of areas hit by the big storms.

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