Prairie Hog Country April/May 2024 Edition

Apr 01, 2024

Pleased to share the core section of the April/May edition for Prairie Hog Country was uploaded to the printers early yesterday morning.

This edition has follow up coverage from many of the great meetings/events that have been happening in the hog sector: Manitoba Swine Seminar, Alberta Pork Regional, Saskatchewan Livestock Expo and h@ms. In addition stories on the bad deal coalition, V cool, AFAC collapse, PED spring fears, a recent expansion to boar stud, a new Canadian Pork office in Manila, moving forward in the Ukraine, and much much more.

Also included in this issue is our annual readership survey, please take the time to fill out and return. This helps us serve you, our readers and industry sector better.

The issue will be in the hands of Canada Post next Thursday, the same time the online update will completed too.

Thanks for the continued support.

Source : Swine Web
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