Polaris® Introduces RANGER® Accessory Collections in Partnership with Trusted Professionals

Jun 27, 2019
The Four Accessory Collections are Hand-Selected to Help Craftsman, Ranchers, Waterfowl Hunters and Big Game Hunters Get the Job Done Better
Minneapolis  – Polaris® RANGER®, the industry’s No.1-selling utility side-by-side vehicle, today introduced the RANGER Accessory Collections campaign focused on helping RANGER owners get even more out of their machine. 
Four trusted professionals created RANGER accessory packages for use by land owners, ranchers, waterfowl hunters and big game hunters. Polaris RANGER partnered with master craftsman and host and producer of DIY Network's Barnwood Builders, Mark Bowe (Craftsman Collection), ranch
owner and cowboy with a record-setting 24 World Champion titles, Trevor Brazile (Ranch Collection), legendary waterfowl hunter and Habitat Flats owner Tony Vandemore (Waterfowl Collection) and hosts of the CRUSH TV show and renowned professional hunters Lee and Tiffany Lakosky (Big Game Collection).
“For two decades Polaris RANGER has served as an invaluable workhorse for craftsmen, ranchers and hunters,” said Kyle Duea, Vice President of ORV Marketing at Polaris Industries. “We’re excited to launch our new RANGER Accessory Collections showcasing the various vehicle accessories professionals and hobbyist use to get the job done better. Each collection was hand selected by experts that trust RANGER to handle the toughest jobs and inspire  consumers to do more with their machine.”
Polaris RANGER offers hundreds of accessories to help consumers customize their experience. Each collection features accessories that professionals use within their respective fields, along with the option to purchase individual accessories or any combination of accessories within each collection. RANGER Accessory Collections can be purchased through any Polaris dealer or online at polaris.com/rangercollections.  
Craftsman Collection by Mark Bowe
Mark Bowe, host and producer of DIY Network's Barnwood Builders worked with RANGER to build the Craftsman Collection which features eight accessories including a Lock & Ride® Tool Rack to help transport tools and get the job done wherever work calls. Developed for multi-acre homeowners, the Craftsman Collection was built for those that take matters into their own hands and use their RANGER for a variety of projects on their property.
“I’m honored to have had the chance to work with RANGER to create the Craftsman Collection,” said Bowe. “Whether it’s using your chainsaw, or hauling wood to your next project, the Craftsman Collection features my favorite RANGER accessories and is created for those that live for the thrill of building and creating something truly unique.” 
Craftsman Collection Accessories:
  • Polaris® PRO HD 4,500-lb Winch with Rapid Rope Recovery
  • Lock & Ride® Tool Rack
  • Lock & Ride® Chainsaw Mount
  • Lock & Ride® Storage Box
  • Lock & Ride® Bed Extender/Divider
  • Cargo Bed Mat
  • Pro Armor® 33” - Combo LED Light Bar
  • Pro Armor® Wheel & Tire Set: Harvester® & Buckle - Matte Black
Ranch Collection Presented by Trevor Brazile
While working on his ranch, veteran American Rodeo champion and winningest cowboy of all time, Trevor Brazile, needs to ensure his RANGER is ready to haul gear, clean stalls, carry feed or train his horses for competition. The Ranch Collection is comprised of ten accessories including the Polaris PRO HD 6,000-lb Winch with Rapid Rope Recovery featuring incredible pulling power and also provides a recovery mode that retrieves the rope 5-times faster.
“There’s a lot of things that have to get done on a ranch every day. I can’t imagine anyone in the western industry not having one of these machines,” said Brazile. “Anybody who has had a RANGER knows how much easier it makes life on a ranch.”
Ranch Collection Accessories:
  • Polaris® PRO HD 6,000-lb Winch with Rapid Rope Recovery
  • Rear Brushguard
  • Upper Front Brushguard
  • 8-Vent Heater & Defrost System
  • Rigid® SR-Series 10” Spot LED Light
  • Work Beacon LED Light
  • Lock & Ride® Bed Extender/Divider
  • Lock & Ride® Tip-Down Headache Rack
  • Dual Bin Under Seat Dry Storage Box
  • Pro Armor® Wheel & Tire Set: Buckle - Accent & Dual-Threat
Waterfowl Collection Presented by Tony Vandemore
Legendary waterfowl hunter and Habitat Flats co-owner Tony Vandemore took all he knows about hunting and applied it to the Waterfowl Collection. Featuring eight accessories, including Pro Amor® Mud XC tires for extreme traction, this collection provides hunters access to remote locations to make any waterfowl chase more effective. 
“For years, RANGER has played a crucial role at Habitat Flats lodges whether it’s hauling gear or transporting guests and dogs to remote blinds during the hunting season,” said Vandemore. “The Waterfowl Collection was created with hunters in mind and adds increased performance, capability and durability to make their next hunt as successful as possible.”
Waterfowl Collection Accessories:
  • Polaris® PRO HD 4,500-lb Winch with Rapid Rope Recovery
  • Front Hood Storage Rack
  • Lock & Ride® CargoMax System
  • In-Cab Gun Mount
  • Work Beacon LED Light
  • Pro Armor® 2"x2" Cube - LED Spot Light (x2)
  • Pro Amor® Wheel & Tire Set: Mud XC - Shackle - Matte Black
Big Game Collection by Lee and Tiffany Lakosky
Whether it’s hauling their trophy, gear, or driving through rugged terrain out in the wilderness, TV hosts and renowned professional hunters Lee and Tiffany Lakosky outfit their RANGER with accessories that make their hunt easier. The Big Game collection includes a total of seven accessories including Lock & Ride® Kolpin Rhino Grip® PRO which allows hunters to transport their firearm or bow securely and safely with more than 50-lbs of carrying capacity.
“We’re excited to have worked with Polaris to create the ultimate Big Game Collection highlighting our favorite vehicle accessories to outfit our RANGER,” said Tiffany Lakosky, co-host of CRUSH with Lee & Tiffany. “Polaris RANGER continues to help us conquer more terrain and get more done while out on a hunt.” 
Big Game Collection Accessories:
  • Polaris® PRO HD 6,000-lb Winch with Rapid Rope Recovery
  • 8-Vent Heater & Defrost System
  • Lock & Ride® Kolpin Rhino Grip® PRO
  • Front Hood Storage Rack
  • Work Beacon LED Light
  • Pro Armor® 33” - Combo LED Light Bar
  • Pro Armor® Wheel & Tire Set: Flare - Matte Black & Attack 2.0
You can find more information about RANGER and the recently launched RANGER Accessory Collections at Polaris.com/rangercollections. In addition to their RANGER Accessory Collections, each expert’s machine features essential RANGER Pro Shield™ cab components. Learn more at Polaris.com/proshield. Also visit polaris.com to find your local dealer and join the conversation on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
Source : Polaris
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