Pig Feed in Alberta Tests Positive on PCR for PED Virus

Jul 09, 2014

A pig starter feed product in Alberta has tested positive for the PED virus. The test only detects genetic material from the virus, but does not indicate if the feed could cause PED if pigs ate it. The feed was not sold and did not reach a farm. The entire batch of feed will be destroyed. There are no cases of PED in pigs in Alberta.

Biosecurity is the most important tool for keeping PED virus out of farms. Biosecurity includes movement of pigs, people and trucks, as well as feed ingredients and rations. Producers are encouraged to work with their veterinarian to develop the best biosecurity protocols that consider all of the potential risks for their herds.

PED virus risk is expected to increase again in the fall with the arrival of cooler weather.

Source: AlbertaPork

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