OPI Debuts Blue Lite Handheld, Plug-And-Play Grain Monitoring

May 30, 2024

OPI, the global leader in grain storage management, is revolutionizing grain monitoring again, this time in reverse--with simplified handheld grain monitoring for tech-averse farmers who want to take a first step toward automated data collection.

"We call it Blue Lite because that's exactly what we're delivering--grain monitoring technology that isn't intimidating at all," says Adam Weiss, CEO. "It's a light, extremely simplified unit that fits our data-driven grain management technology in the palm of your hand."

Designed for ease and affordability, Blue Lite is optimized for small- to medium-sized bins. Setup is quick and easy--simply plug in bin cables. The device collects reliable data on grain temperature, moisture and CO2, which farmers then access from their phone or the cloud. Set alerts and thresholds through the OPI BLUE Cloud Platform for even more automation and convenience.

"I was looking for a better way to store data," says Aaron Foy, who farms with his dad and brother in Saskatchewan, Canada. "You turn it on, hit Bluetooth; it connects, and it's done. It does everything automatically. Blue Lite is handheld; you just plug it in, and it uploads--very convenient."

Source : agrimarketing.com
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