Kubota Unveils the New LX2620 Tractor

Kubota Unveils the New LX2620 Tractor
May 30, 2024

Latest Addition to Kubota’s Compact Segment Focuses on Comfort and Efficiency 

By Ryan Ridley

Kubota continues to expand its LX20 Series, this time with its LX2620 model.

Recently announced, this new model is designed to complete the lineup that began with the popular LX20 Series, known for its robust capabilities and advanced features.

Last year, Kubota introduced the LX20 series with two horsepower options—35 HP and 40 HP.

These models were well-received due to its premium features, including quieter hydrostatic (HST) transmissions, enhanced operator comfort, and improved visibility with a wider front loader design.

The Series also boasted practical upgrades such as LED headlights and ergonomic lever grips, making them a favorite among first-time buyers.

This year however, Kubota has focused on maintaining the quality and performance of the LX Series while adding the LX2620 to its lineup. This new model integrates all the beloved features of its predecessors and introduces several enhancements.

The LX2620 has seen significant improvements including refinements to the HST transmission to further reduce noise—a feedback point from high-usage applications in previous models.

Comfort has also been a priority, with upgrades such as a new seat design in the cab models, and the inclusion of its popular lever grips and HST pedals from the 35 and 40 HP models.

The addition of LED headlights continues to be a standard across the LX Series.

With the LX2620, Kubota strengthens its position in the compact tractor market, focused on reliability and efficiency.

Beau Woodbury, product manager at Kubota, gives you a rundown of the new tractor in the below video.