New Information System Customizable For Very Large Agriculture Organizations

Jan 07, 2015

The Operation and Agriculture Supply Information System (OASIS) Enterprise Edition provides a government agency, a multi-national agribusiness, or an agriculture cooperative the capability to manage terabytes of data that would result from managing multiple farms producing millions of tons of food.

This solution builds on the Standard Edition to modify configurations and add new functions that meet customer requirements more precisely. Since work begins with the tested Standard Edition, development time is significantly shorter than other ERP implementations. The Enterprise Edition is ideal for organizations that want the agility of Web technology and yet still need absolute confidentiality. The following institutions would benefit:

  • Government Agency: The agriculture-specific authority that needs to collect data concerning risks and dangers to the environment and people
  • Multi-national Agribusiness: The commercial leader that requires constant information flow from its vast supplier network from London to Uganda
  • Agriculture Cooperative: The supportive network association that provides technical and managerial assistance to small and medium producers

The unique advantage is in the product's proprietary business method to relate land preparation, chemical application, crop harvest, food shipment, and other areas in a comprehensive system. All three editions (Enterprise, Standard, and Ultra-light) use this method in the underlying data model. For a very large organization, the executive leader can quickly find out where there may be issues in the value chain.

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