New Grain Growers Of Canada Video Aims To Educate Policymakers

Nov 19, 2020
A Grain Growers of Canada project was released this week.
"Today’s Modern Grain Farm: A Harvest Across Canada" is a short video designed to help educate politicians and policymakers about the challenges and realities facing farmers today.
Saskatchewan grain farmer, Cherilyn Jolly-Nagel is a Director with the Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association, and is featured in the film.
"Often times our policymakers don't have a strong connection back to the agriculture industry. So this was an effort to reach out to politicians and their teams and present what life is like as a modern grain farmer all across this big country."
Jolly-Nagel says it's a really important time for the federal government to address some of the challenges grain farmers are facing.
"I guess if the question is How can the Canadian economy recover from the Coronavirus? The answer might be in a really strong agriculture industry. So, we want to present our industry to policymakers as a potential solution to some of the economic deficiencies that we are certainly going to be experiencing over the next number of years as we try to recover."
She says there's a lot of ways Ottawa can be supportive of farmers like developing stronger free trade agreements - as not all are working as promised.
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