New Case of PED reported in Manitoba

Sep 24, 2014
The first new case of PED in Canada since July 23 was reported today on a farm in southeast Manitoba.
The date of confirmation was Sept. 19. This is the third farm in Manitoba that has been infected with PEDv. Two other cases occurred in pigs at high traffic sites. The pigs were infected at the site and source farms remained free of PED.
Combined with the continuing spread of PED in the United States, which reported 68 new cases last week for a total of 8386 cases in 31 states, these developments underscore the importance of staying vigilant at all times with biosecurity practices. While PED poses no danger to humans or the food supply, it causes up to 100% mortality in nursing pigs. The virus is spread by the fecal-oral route, with the most common sources of infected feces coming onto a farm being pigs, trucks, boots, clothing, or other things that can physically move it.
Make sure all incoming animals are healthy. All trucks and trailers MUST be thoroughly washed, dried and disinfected before they go back on-farm, especially those that have been in the United States.
If in doubt, review your biosecurity practices with your veterinarian and work with your employees to ensure they are in effect at all times.
Source: AlbertaPork