Manitoba Egg Farmers Elects First Female Board Chair

Mar 10, 2021

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Manitoba Egg Farmers has elected its first ever female Board Chair.
Catherine Kroeker-Klassen is an egg and grain farmer in Linden, Manitoba.
"It's a real honour to be elected by my fellow board members to be the Chair and to lead the group," she said. "I certainly don't take the position very lightly and I bring my own sense of leadership to the group obviously but I think that it's such an opportunity for us to get involved as women."
Kroeker-Klassen first joined the Manitoba Egg Farmers board back in 2014.
"As soon as I had been to a producer meeting, way back when, I just was captured with the whole thing and just felt that I wanted to get involved in a more concrete way and at that time, that was 15-16 years ago and it took me quite a while to be at the point where I felt I was ready to be on the board."
She notes egg farmers have had to adjust during the past year due to shifts in demand caused by COVID-19.
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