Key Funding Announcement for Saskatchewan's Food Centre

May 05, 2021

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Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre in Saskatoon is undergoing a major expansion with the help of a $2.3 million dollar investment from the Federal and Provincial Government.

Agricultural Minister David Marit says the facility provides the space and equipment needed to help food processors add value to their products.

"We knew the demand was there. There was a waiting list to get into the Food Center that we just had to look at expansion for the growth opportunity for young entrepreneurs here in the province of Saskatchewan. But also there's also major companies that you know, North American company, global companies that are looking that the food center and doing a lot of research there as well."

So far, the first phase addition has added 12,000 square feet at the site for additional incubation suites, storage and an extrusion commercialization
suite, while the second phase will include a maintenance shop and seperate facility for food and industrial processing.

Federal Ag Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau says this funding will support the development of new agri-food products, creating more jobs and a more diversified agricultural economy for Saskatchewan.

" Our Saskatchewan food processors continue to develop innovative value-added foods and beverages that respond to changing consumer demand in Canada and around the world."

Marit notes the expansion of the Food Centre reflects not only the growth of our value-added food and beverage processing sector in Saskatchewan, but also the Food Centre's reputation for excellence and innovation.

The Food Centre is a non-profit organization resulting from a partnership between the Government of Saskatchewan (represented by the Ministry of Agriculture), the Saskatchewan Food Processors Association, and the University of Saskatchewan.

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