Holding Time Calculation for Feed Ingredients

Nov 05, 2018

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The information below is for general informational and educational purposes only and is not to be construed
as recommending or advocating any specific course of action.

• Feedstuffs manufactured, sealed, handled and shipped under biosecure conditions that produces a product free
of pathogens and prevents post-processing contamination are not a risk to animal health.

• Feedstuffs may become contaminated if not produced under biosecure conditions, produced under unknown
conditions or not sealed to prevent post-processing contamination. The time between manufacture and use
(holding time) gives an opportunity for viral contaminants to naturally degrade, so as not to be infectious.

• Current research shows a holding time of 78 days after the date of manufacture and bagging or sealing to
prevent additional contamination (“born on date”) for amino acids, minerals or vitamins will degrade 99.99%
of viral contamination.

• Current research shows a holding time of 286 days after the “born on date” for soybean meal will degrade
99.99% of viral contamination, if shipped in a way to prevent additional contamination.

• Work to refine the holding time calculations is ongoing. Revisions and updates will be coming.
The science on viral transmission through feed and feedstuffs is still evolving, but research has demonstrated the
ability for certain feed ingredients to support viral survival under laboratory conditions modeled after either transAtlantic
or trans-Pacific shipping to U.S. locations likely to manufacture feed for swine. This has increased interest in
assuring feed ingredient safety from viruses. More research results will come, and results will be updated accordingly

There are two general categories of feedstuffs: those produced and handled in sealed or secure containers (examples
- vitamins, amino acids, etc.) and bulk feedstuffs (examples -SBM, DDGS) produced and handled in non-sealed or non-secure
containers, totes, etc. Feedstuffs in either category may be produced under biosecure, non-biosecure or unknown
conditions. Talk with your feedstuffs suppliers about which categories and conditions apply to their products.
For feedstuffs produced under non-biosecure or unknown conditions, current research indicates that use is safest
78 days after a ‘born on’ date for amino acids, minerals or vitamins bagged or sealed to prevent additional contamination
and 286 days after a “born on date” for soybean meal, if shipped in a way to prevent additional contamination. Talk
with your feed suppliers and ask for a ‘born on’ date for all imported feed products.

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