Herbicide Carryover Could Be A Concern In 2019

Feb 08, 2019

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Farmers are being reminded about the potential this year for herbicide carryover.

It’s especially a concern in the Southwest, which has had two years of extremely dry conditions.

Shannon Chant, a Crops Extension Specialist in the Southwest, says some producers in the area experienced problems last year.

“There were a lot of cases that I saw, especially in Canola with just injury sometimes in a specific area. As you know moisture varies within a field so maybe it did better in one area and not the other.   I also heard some reports last year of some injury in wheat.”

She says farmers should check their notes from the last couple of years on what crop inputs they used on what fields.

“Most of them are a year or two; there are some cases for some products that can be up to four years. If you are concerned about a residual product you can call the manufacturer and see how much moisture is needed or how fast that breakdown needs to be. Talk to an Agronomist as well to see what the options are or if it’s something you need to be concerned about.”

She adds if it’s something that the residual product can be applied to normally then it’s okay.

In the Guide for Crop Protection, farmers will find a chart on residual products and how long they last.

She notes with two years of back to back droughts in some areas there’s also a potential for herbicide stacking.

Clark Brenzil with Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Agriculture is talking about Herbicide Carryover as part of the Top Notch Farming events in Swift Current, February 8 at Living Sky Centre, in Melfort, February 12 at the Kerry McVicar Centre, in Humboldt, February 13 at the Uniplex and in Davidson, February 14 at the Community Centre.

Source : Discoverestevan