Hail Damage On Corn

Jun 19, 2015
Yesterday afternoon we had an isolated hail storm in the county. Many of the pecan orchards in the county had limbs break. This particular corn field was hit quite hard! The corn is in tassel/silk stage, which happens to be the most damaging yield wise.
The amount of damage a crop can take during the development of the plant depends on its growth stage. Each stage has a different amount of yield loss with a given level of damage.
In this case the farmer will need to get in touch with their insurance provider to determine the next step.
Table 1: Estimated % Yield Reduction due to Defoliation at Various Stages of Growth Stage of Growth (National Hail Insurance Association)
Stage of GrowthPercent Leaf Area Destroyed
7 leaf001245689
8 leaf0013567911
10 leaf024689111416
12 leaf13591115182328
14 leaf248131722283644
16 leaf3611182331404961
18 leaf5915243344566984
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