G3 Canada Facilities In Swift Current And Vermilion Taking Deliveries

May 19, 2021

G3 Canada's Grain Network got a little larger this month.

The grain company now has 17 elevators across the Prairies, nine in Saskatchewan and six in Alberta, including the latest additions in Swift Current (Saskatchewan) and Vermilion (Alberta).

Farmers started delivering grain this week to G3 Swift Current, the latest high efficiency grain terminal in the lineup.

Corporate Communication Specialist Peter Chura says the Swift Current location started taking loads in from area farm customers as it filled the bins to settle them in.

"We've had staff in place in the area for months and months anyway, making connections with farmers, getting contracts signed, and now we're taking deliveries into the facility."

He notes the Swift Current facility is similar to other G3 operations.

"It has a capacity of 42,000 tonnes. It has high capacity drags and the drive shed, meaning a 40 ton Super B truck could discharge its whole load of grain there within five minutes or less and be back on its way back to the farm for another load. It has the loop track facility on the other side, so this means 150 car train could pull onto the loop track, continue moving around, continuous motion it gets loaded, gets on its way to in this case G3 Terminal Vancouver. It keeps the grain moving, keeps the grain moving to market, which means more delivery opportunities, and more market opportunities for farmers."

G3's Vermilion Terminal started taking in its fill loads last week.

"G3 Vermilion is similar to the other high efficiency elevators that we've been building throughout Western Canada. It has the same ability to empty out a Super B truck in less than five minutes. So, farmers save a lot of time, they save money, they're able to get more loads in, in a day. It's very valuable to them in that respect. G3 Vermilion also has that that loop track capability where 150 car train high efficiency product train can pull onto the loop, keep moving around, get loaded, continuous motion, and on its way to G3 Terminal Vancouver to get loaded onto a ship and off to market really quickly."

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