DigiFarm VBN, LLC Announces Supplier Agreement with AGCO

Aug 28, 2017
DigiFarm VBN LLC, an agricultural technology company, announces it has signed a supplier agreement with AGCO Corporation , a world-leading manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment solutions. The supplier agreement will offer DigiFarm VBN (Virtual Base Network) cellular hardware and GNSS corrections for all models of agriculture GNSS receivers through Challenger®, Fendt® and Massey Ferguson® dealers in North America. This will enable growers to maximize field efficiency using high-precision GNSS technology to avoid equipment overlap, reducing fuel consumption as well as seed, chemical and fertilizer costs. The service will be available to all AGCO-affiliated dealers in North America where DigiFarm VBN currently has coverage and will complement the fleet and operational services already available through AGCO’s Fuse® offerings.
This release offers growers the ability to guide their entire fleet with sub-inch accuracy for all row crop and broad-acre applications. The availability of this technology also will allow mixed-fleet operators the ability to operate all their machines from a single GNSS correction source regardless of color or brand. 
“DigiFarm VBN’s focus has always been to provide a high quality GNSS signal at a cost-effective price point, while offering industry-leading services to the farmer,” said David Dusanek, founder and president at DigiFarm VBN. “In addition, our proprietary GNSS and cellular solutions give growers an opportunity to operate a mixed-brand fleet of vehicles with a single correction signal, reducing overhead and maintenance. This will offer a turn-key solution for AGCO customers as they look to pacify their GNSS needs across multiple machines and GNSS receiver types.”
“AGCO is committed to offering our customers choices that fit their operations and their needs. With the DigiFarm technology, AGCO now has the broadest offering of GNSS correction services in the industry and our dealers can offer customers a true RTK correction solution that will work with new AGCO products, legacy products and other brands of equipment,” said Cody Light, strategic marketing manager, Fuse Technology North America. “The DigiFarm agreement supports and strengthens our Fuse open approach strategy.”
Source : Digi Farm
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