Canola sits on biofuel sidelines

Dec 02, 2022

Canada is using little canola-based biofuel, according to a new study.

One-third of all the biodiesel consumed in Canada and none of the renewable diesel used in this country is canola-based, according to the Biofuels in Canada 2022 study published by Navius Research Inc.

Only 136 million litres of the 413 million litres of biodiesel used by Canadian drivers was canola-based in 2021, compared to 213 million litres of soy-based biodiesel. The remainder was yellow grease, tallow and other feedstocks.

None of the 507 million litres of renewable diesel were canola-based. The leading feedstock for that fuel was used cooking oil, which accounted for 380 million litres, followed by tallow at 92 million litres.

The study was funded by Advanced Biofuels Canada.

Ian Thomson, president of Advanced Biofuels Canada, said it is important to understand the study measured use and not production.

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